Sister Sirens

Should You Share It With the World?

There were too many great lines here to just quote some of this post. Read Sonya Huber saying what we need to hear, beautifully.

Sonya Huber

IMG_5432A friend asked me a great question recently: how do you know when to put a difficult life event out there in the world, either on a blog or as a submission to a publication? She asked wonderful questions about motives: what are we doing when we share the hard stuff?

My first motive in writing is sometimes exploratory and sometimes to vent. When I’m upset about something, I mull in a journal. But I also take notes as a writer. I notice the details that accompany the cataclysms because I know I’ll need those details later for essays. I also record the details because they anchor me to life when my feelings get huge and threaten to blot out the texture and complexity of a day.

I write first drafts from anger, or confusion, or lost-ness, or a desire to make a feeling go away. I think I keep…

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