Sister Sirens

Lucky 13, Rita Bornstein

Alma mater, translated from Latin, means “foster mother.”  My alma mater, Rollins College, was established on November 4, 1885.  One hundred and five years later, the first female president was sworn in– as the college’s 13th president.  The Rollins motto is Fiat Lux; let there be light, indeed!  Dr. Rita Bornstein served Rollins College from 1990-2004, and left a singular legacy.  No other Rollins president has done as much for the college– well, maybe with the exception of Hamilton Holt, but I haven’t fact checked that.   Dr. Bornstein proved to be a lucky (for us) 13.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Dr. Lorrie Kyle, Executive Assistant to the President and a powerful force herself, takes a look at the leadership of President Emerita Rita Bornstein.

Appropriately, Kyle does not include details of Bornstein’s private life, but here, for our purposes, I would like to shout from the rooftops that Rita Bornstein pursued a college education after having two children, and she never let up.

Read Lorrie Kyle’s article here:

One Woman’s Presidency

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