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Self-styled Anti-hero Amanda Palmer

When I read this article by Rachel Edidin on Wired, I knew I had to share.  In “The Art of Asking Why We Hate Amanda Palmer,” Edidin boils it right down:

Amanda Palmer is easy to hate. She’s loud. She’s demanding… and she’s one of those polarizing public figures it’s hard to casually enjoy or dislike.

But when we criticize Amanda Palmer, I think we need to take a long, hard look at exactly what we’re reacting to — and why.

In a media landscape that typically reduces women to paragons or villains with strikingly little middle ground, Palmer is a self-styled anti-hero, from her feuds with the record industry to her Wicked Queen eyebrows. And it’s worth noting that the actions for which Palmer is attacked most often and most harshly tend to be the ones that conflict with what public femininity is supposed to look like — behaviors and traits that would often sit differently on the shoulders of a male performer.

That’s exactly it.  She’s a woman.

And she’s not just any woman, she’s a fearless woman.  I rather like her, even though (and maybe especially though) she sometimes claims the name Amanda Fucking Palmer.

I like her so much that I’m going to plug her book, The Art of Asking.

Why not?art of asking

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  1. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser Rose and commented:
    So glad I got to see Amanda Fucking Palmer perform with her husband, Neil Gaiman, on Valentine’s Day at Tampa Theatre. Alby and I fell in love with this fabulous femme, her wit, and her passionate musical performance. And there’s a lot more to her . . .


  2. I too have enjoyed getting to know Amanda Palmer, which I have done by way of Neil Gaiman. But I enjoy her music and I enjoy her persona of tough, daring AFP who is not afraid to be vulnerable and ask. She is an inspiration and the relationship she shares with Gaiman is an inspiration to me and my partner. What’s not to adore?


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