by Marilyn Robertsonmailbox-595854_1280

On the way to the post office this morning,
I thought about the odd things we believe.
Things we swear by, pray to, put our trust in,
or wear printed on the back of a T-shirt.
Tarot cards. Crystal balls.
Runes and rattlesnakes.
First stars, second sight—
not to mention elves and Armageddon.
Just look at me, believing that someone
might have written me a letter,
that the world is in good hands,
that a man once walked out of a stone-cold tomb
into the light of day, leaving
poor old Death completely in the dark.

from Rattle #45, Fall 2014
Tribute to Poets of Faith


Marilyn Robertson: “Here’s one definition of religion: concern over what exists beyond the visible. I find that belief in the ineffable, in the Divine, gives life a shimmer, an edge. A good edge. One you can walk on. And poetry, for me, is scripture—a prayer.”