Sister Sirens

Things Long Yearned For

I asked some of my women writer friends what they wished for. Here are their answers—some serious, some not, all interesting, and altogether, a found poem. Be sure to click on their names for more about/from these wicked, wise voices.



Question posed by Katie Riegel: What do you wish for?


“Tacos and stillness.” –Stevie Edwards

“A winter of firelight and calm and finishing this novel once and for all…and watching this puppy grow, of course.” –Karen McElmurray, proud owner of a gorgeous young puppy

“1. These long yearned for mother and child reunions– with my eldest daughter (have not seen her in 16 years) and with my 81 year old mother (have not seen her in 10 years);
2. And really, just the grace and strength to keep being able to do what I do so I can be more for others too.” –Luisa Igloria

“a deeper blue in the air behind us” –Terri Witek

“Natural Florida trails, brisk air, stillness. My secret wish, though, is that I could eat anything I want anytime I want without it negatively affecting my health.”  —Terry Ann Thaxton

“I don’t have a website, KR, but what I wish for right now, most of all, is for my damn right calf to behave.” –Allison Joseph, runner

“To banish shame.” –Sarah Browning

“I’d like financial security, plus a little extra, just for the fun stuff. Barring that, I’d appreciate a much quieter vibrator. I don’t have a website, but I’m participating in Tupelo’s 30/30 Project this month.” –Karen Craigo

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