Sister Sirens


photograph by dieKleinert, Alamy

photograph by dieKleinert, Alamy

by Gloria Muñoz

To love another
with your entire being,
so much so that you feel
it in your entrails.

The English definition
leaves the taste of entrails
in the air. In Spanish,
it’s a murmur between sheets
of ocean; the crepuscular peeling
of dusks and dawns; it is lungs
falling down three flights of stairs;
eyes drunk with the Milky
Way’s dust and honey;
the electric currents of two
bodies that produce their own
magnetic field, their own rotation
among the humming string
of planets; the equinoctial
throbbing of the tide;
the gargantuan wrestling
of the squid and the whale—
who, tangled and dying,
need one another.

*First published by Acentos Review


Gloria Muñoz holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence and an MFA from the University of South Florida. She has been honored by the New York Summer Writer’s Institute Fellowship, the Doris Duke Foundation and the Think Small to Think Big Artist Grant. Her work has appeared in print and online publications including, Acentos Review, Dark Phrases, The Brooklyn ReviewSweet, The Sarah Lawrence Review, The Best New PoetsAnthology, and is forthcoming in Going Om.

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