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Adventures of a U-haul lesbian

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since I moved from New York to Florida – and that I’ve stuck around this long!

I wrote this essay four years ago about my move.

And all day long you can ease on down the road with The Gloria Sirens. Access all of our Road Trip posts here.

Have Vagina, Will Travel

One month ago I moved for the sixth time in as many years.

The list of locales is pretty varied. An Irish neighborhood in the northern Bronx, bordering on Yonkers and Westchester. Bayville, a small, blue-collar village right on the Long Island Sound, amidst Long Island’s storied Gold Coast. Cambridge, Mass., where I had many adventures during my short-lived stay just outside Boston. The quaint, quirky, and incredibly haughty Hamptons. Middle-of-nowhere Spring Hill, Fla., where I moved in with my father and experienced culture shock like never before.

Now, finally, I’ve landed in wonderful, bizarre, dirty, artsy St. Petersburg.

And I rented a U-Haul to do it.

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