So You Think Women are People. Want a Cookie?

By Megan Burbank (originally posted in


gloria feminist-cookies

There’s a post on Tumblr I noticed about a month ago of nine delicious-looking frosted sugar cookies. But if you look closely at the cookies, they all say, jauntily, in frosting, things like: Doesn’t hit women. Thinks women are people. Not a rapist. Has a gay friend. At the top of the post it says, “Good for you. Want a cookie” [sic].

I love this post for its sweetness and its statement – that there is no get-out-jail-free card when it comes to being an ally, that just having the right sentiment or a bare minimum of decency doesn’t excuse you from actually doing the work. But weirdly enough, the first thing I thought of when I saw this political statement in cookies was George R.R. Martin, who was so lauded for saying, “I have always considered women to be people.”

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