Sister Sirens

“Charlotte Managed” — Praise for Terry Godbey’s “Hold Still.”

by Martin Achatz, an editor at Passages North,

“Wilbur admired the way Charlotte managed…

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“Charlotte the spider is a survivor.  She doesn’t depend on Lurvy to bring her food.  She doesn’t scrounge through the garbage for scraps of moldy bread or rancid meat.  No.  Charlotte manages for herself.  Builds her own home.  Traps her own dinner.  In the end, she even chooses her own end, giving her last ounce of energy to save her best friend’s life. 

“In my book bag tonight is hold still, Terry Godbey’s newest poetry collection.  These poems are a testament to anger and humor, despair and joy.  They are psalms of survival.  Breast cancer.  Childhood.  Motherhood.  Hurricanes.  Godbey’s insights are razor-sharp, cutting open the reader’s heart and pumping it full of music and hope.” Read on.

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