Sister Sirens

Tricia Booker on getting overwhelmed

Somehow it helps when someone else admits to pain you feel yourself.

“Peeps, I am in a trench. You know how I get. My 2014 Happiness Project has taken a direct hit, and me and all the metaphorical paperwork are flailing about in our own little wind tunnel. My eyes have swollen up from crying. I think I might look rabid…

At night when I’m drifting off to sleep, I run a mental tab of all I didn’t accomplish. Didn’t order the new mattresses. Didn’t pick out paint color for the bathroom. Didn’t get my glasses fixed. Didn’t solve the countertop dispute with Home Depot. Didn’t arrange the boy’s playdate. Didn’t sign the Diva up for camp. Didn’t give the dogs their heartworm prevention meds. Didn’t call my mother-in-law on her 77th birthday. Didn’t return my sister-in-law’s email…”

Read the whole (short) piece. You will be glad you did.

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