Katie's Voice


The Manifesto

I feel ashamed when

–I feel insecure and ask people to reassure me that I really am loved/loveable

–I write my own work (even this) instead of nurturing others

–I remember the big plans and assumption of success I had when I was a girl

–I curse in front of men

–I think about how I got my current job because the school where I teach wanted my husband, and I was a by-product of the transaction

–I promote my work

–a doctor tells me the weight chart shows me as “obese”

–I hope something good happens to me

–I explain to someone that I am not a first class academic citizen because I am not on the tenure track, so I teach more classes and make considerably less money than a “real professor”

–I see my double chin in a photograph of myself

–I tell my lover exactly what…

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