Like? Whatever: Likability and the Nonfiction Writer

by Jennifer Niesslein

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 12.44.46 PMUntil my memoir came out, I had no idea how many people did not want to be friends with me. . . .

. . . Strayed puts it this way: “When using the self in literature, the task isn’t to tell us who you are. It’s to tell us who you are really. The negative and the positive and all the stuff in between. Sometimes I wince when showing the icky stuff, the stuff for which I know people will judge me. But writing requires such things. It isn’t about covering your ass. It’s about showing it.” Read on!

Categories: Art, Sister Sirens

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  1. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser-Rose and commented:
    “Women are subject to a different kind of pressure when it comes to likability and how they present their work. Sometimes, I feel like there is an unspoken need for women to be more humble, more self-effacing, more ‘aw shucks, well I guess I wrote this thing, won’t you read it?’ It’s a tough thing to balance.” Roxane Gay


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