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Fellow writers, I just had to share Karyna McGlynn’s blog post “My Top 5 Quick and Dirty Submission Tricks.” In addition to my own writing, I’ve been running a students’ creative writing club and a creative writing club for professional, grown-up writers for some time now, plus rolling up my sleeves for the Florida Literary Arts Coalition. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Karyna, but her attitude speaks to me. I can vouch, what she says makes writing fun, productive, and most of all, makes you attractive. That is, you attract more writer friends. You’re all in it together. You help each other out, and it saves you from brooding alone that nobody understands you. I am most thankful for all my frisky, feisty writing colleagues. And here’s Karyna’s awesome website and blog.

Karyna McGlynn
Karyna McGlynn

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