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Lisa’s books:

Body Sharers

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Lisa’s first novel, Body Sharers (Rutgers University Press, 1993), took third in the 1991 Washington Prize for Fiction and was a top-five finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Foundation Award for Best First Novel. An excerpt from Body Sharers was a finalist for the 1990 AWP Intro Awards.

Body Sharers is an extraordinary first novel of sexual, psychic, spiritual, and artistic obsession, entrapment, and quest. Rose writes like a young Joyce Carol Oates–with malice toward none and charity to all of her damaged, cruel, intensely alive characters.”–Alicia Ostriker, award-winning poet and author of Feminist Revision and the Bible.

For the Love of a Dog

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For the Love of a Dog charts one woman’s journey into the joyous, complicated, and mysterious communion people can have with animals. From her first dog, a mischievous fox terrier named Patches, to the thuggish finch, Pavarotti, who rooms with her in grad school and the haughty horse, Shannon, whom she coaxes into docility, Elisabeth Rose’s account reveals her special sensitivity to the inner voice of creatures and their particular needs.

Most especially, For the Love of a Dog is the story of Rose’s relationship to her border collie, Kierney, a “brooding poet” — intelligent, exuberant, remarkably conversant, but also anxiety-ridden and difficult — who is misdiagnosed as insane. Told with power and deep insight, Rose chronicles the life of this extraordinary dog in a narrative infused with keen perceptions on fable and myth, spirituality, and the ways in which consciousness and language interact.

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Yet seldom has the intensity of a dog-human bond been expressed so clearly.”

From Library Journal: “Fans of the border collie will find considerable validation of Stanley Coren’s (The Intelligence of Dogs, LJ 3/15/94) ranking of the breed as first in intelligence in this stunning memoir of the author’s beloved Kierney.”

Katie’s books:

CF Cover for promocave2 Letters to Colin Firth — Letters about love and loss and being between. If only Colin Firth would actually read them!

The Manifesto cover The Manifesto — Self-help/empowerment. Suggestions for a freer life, with ideas Buddhist, Yogic, and Riegelist.

RiegalCover6_FrontCover What the Mouth Was Made For — Poems about desire and sadness and being.

CS-KR-Castaway-Cover-web Castaway —Poems about landscape, childhood, and the beautiful flatlands of the Midwest.


Susan’s books:


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