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Dance, Dance, Revolution: Stepping in Time with My Gay Son

Dance, dance, revolution! The long slow dance toward the dawn of equality— gays finally have the Constitutional right to marry. What does that mean for young gay people—that the world will suddenly change and embrace them? The mother of a gay high school senior examines the dance she has shared with her son on the journey that brought them to this historic place in time and to his latest coming out: online, in an article he wrote for the national student think tank publication for which he is a regular contributor. Paula Whyman shares with us her hopes for what happens for her son from now forward.

Ways to Be

by Julia Connolly     I have gay friends who love football. I have straight friends who arrange flowers beautifully. I have lesbian friends who adore looking girly. I have straight friends […]

Married People

I especially want to say to the people I know (and love!) who have lived decades wishing today would come– or not daring to wish that today would come, only wishing that something much less significant than today might come…

Celebrating Pride

It seems appropriate that as our country awaits this month’s anticipated Supreme Court ruling that will decide once and for all whether same-sex marriage is a constitutionally protected right, it also celebrates […]