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A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell as Nasty


A comic depicting a likely ancestor of mine.

I’ve been a nasty woman since before I was even born. When my bleeding-heart liberal, over-educated parents discovered that they were going to spawn a little girl, they decided to give her an Irish boy’s name, because they always admired the Irish spirit, and wanted to raise a creature tougher than any man who ever lived. They decided on Delaney, a name meaning “Descendant of the challenger”. Years later, when I spent the summer living in Ireland and my nights hanging out in pubs, a stranger who asked my name would tell me that Delaney is a name given to warriors. “Delaney?!” He said, spilling his Guinness on my shoe, “It must have taken some crazy-ass American to give ya a name like that!” It did. My mother had me strapped to her belly at animal rights protests before I was even a year old. My crazy-ass American parents raised me with 3 values: question everything, never give up, and never give in.

For the most part, I’ve stuck to that. I gained a reputation in school for being “Bossy” for behaving like my male classmates and standing up to other students and, if my tiny nasty little heart deemed it necessary, the teachers. Years later, I argued my way into a great job that I love despite not being as qualified as other candidates, and now I sit at my very own gigantic desk with a beautiful window view and little idea of how I got there.

That’s why I was surprised to find that when I woke up this morning, I briefly decided to just give up. I don’t have a place in Trump’s America. I’m a lesbian who is vocal about being a lesbian. I’m a vegetarian. I don’t like guns. I don’t shut my trap. I’d probably rank a 4 on his scale of attractiveness, not attractive enough to listen to or grope. And, to top it all off, I’m a woman.

Then, I s15007897_10211151345959005_2131165367_ocrolled through social media and saw what seemed like thousands of posts made by LGBT youth who said they were planning to commit suicide. They’d given up hope completely. This means that we may be robbed of thousands of innocent, powerful voices who simply want to live and love the way they were born to. All because they don’t have a place in Trump’s dystopian future.

Gay Rights Demonstration in New York City by Warren K. Leffler, 1976 (LOC)

Gay Rights Demonstration in New York City by Warren K. Leffler, 1976 (LOC)

And you know what? They’re right. They don’t have a place. Neither did the LGBT community under the Reagan era, under which a lot of them died, or even long before that. We have to make a place. That’s what America is all about.

Trump might represent a large portion of the population who is racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemetic, islamophobic, and every other awful thing, but he doesn’t represent America as a whole (or even half–it looks like Hillary, like Al Gore in 2,000, won the popular vote). The citizens do, and we can still do something.

Personally, I resolved to start writing more again and go to protests when I hear about them. I won’t shut up. My genes won’t let me. I come from a long line of incredible people like my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and all the way back, women who have stood up for themselves and didn’t give in until their dying breath–and by then, they’d left behind another nasty woman to take their place.

Bring it on, baby. I’ve been training for this since gestation.

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  1. No one ever promised easy. We wake up dead one day to reflect on some stone we might have lifted. Upset would be a step up from how I felt yesterday AM. But then, what would we have otherwise? Four years of bilious rancor? Constant threats? Constant investigations? Stalls? That would have been the obverse, and we all know it. Americans elect a vulgar misogynist, a carnival barker? What does this say about the ones who penciled him in? I guess the bottom line with them is they got a man who represents who they are. The road is long.


  2. Hi Delaney, it is a well written post, but like all hate mongers you have jumped the gun. You have not given your voice a chance to be heard. Spewing hate will only bring hate. Trump has said he is for all people.Give him a chance to prove the hateful media is wrong. That is like saying all men or wrong or all lesbians are sick. My younger sister is a lesbian and I see the love she gives to her lover and her family. I hear the hate lesbians pour out about men, but is that not what is wrong. Love all people no matter what they are. Black ,white, heterosexual or straight. I would harm any person who would harm my sister. There is no transparency in love. It is or it isn’t. A psychopath, socialpath shows no love ,no care. Fight for your cause to be known as a human being.


  3. WOW!!! Absolutely, incredibly motivational!!! As a Black women, I was devastated to hear that a great chunk of America sees me as insignificant and I felt rejected by my entire country. But, I am also a Christian and we believe that our confidence doesn’t come from the opinions of the world, but from our Lord. God knows we’re not perfect and He accepts ALL of us!!! When we make mistakes, God is understanding and wants to see us keep trying to love one another more and more each day. The only ruler that has complete control over human destiny is our LORD. We must not give into the temptation from Satan to have worry, fear, anxiety and depression over the actions and words of mankind. There is no fear of death because if we die it’s the beginning of a new life in heavenly paradise with our Savior. I know this may go a bit off topic, but I truly believe that as Christians we are called to love EVERYONE and bridge all gaps between human beings, including the gaps that exist between the LGBTQ and Christians. There should be zero hate and instead of hating, people should come together and focus on bringing peace and putting an end to world problems such as, poverty, misogyny, racism, bullying, discrimination, incest, sexual abuse, hatred, exclusion, suicide, and drug abuse. If we are going to make it through these next four years, people need to put aside all judgement and focus on positive goals, regardless, of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or religion. We cannot get the success that we want, if we all remain glued to hatred within our fight for justice. We must bridge all division among the world, remain TRULY united and accept one another, while persevering in the road to demanding our rights. Thank you for this inspiring blog post!!! We must all dream big, keep pursuing our goals, using our gifts to spread awareness, and never letting go of our convictions. If God is for us, NO ONE can ever stand against us because when we are weak our LORD is always strong!!! #godfidence


  4. Take hope in the statistics supplied by the Centre for Disease Control. 2% of 50% of 13 000 is the number of lesbians who will now, ( that is when when late term abortions are outlawed by a Trump administration) be allowed to be born, beautiful women, who like you, are women before they are ” even born.”


  5. It’s unbelievable to me that a man can be president elect for all of the people even when he devalues and debases all of those lives. I am a black woman, to him I’m poor and live in the ghetto. I own my own home, my husband and I work. We travel to Paris once a year, we have 3 children in college. We pay taxes. We have friends and family who are homosexual and those who are Muslim and we find it atrocious how even though we live in this country( my people were bought here and built this country and created wealth in this country). We are still treated as trash. I am not sure what the solution is,but I chose to love my neighbors,help my friends, work hard and vote and hope that one day this country will rise above the hate and evil it was founded on. Donald Trump is everything this country was founded on thievery, evil and hatred. Whether I choose to stay or leave that is my choice. Donald trump should build a wall around himself to shield us from his hatred. Great post, as always.


  6. This is a powerful statement by a person I consider a minority in America. I am a young, black teenager from Zimbabwe, in Africa, and despite my nationality, I am a woman and I feel that I can relate on that level alone. I feel that making Donald Trump president is saying to all the minorities in America that they don’t matter and that their voice is not important. He is pushing an agenda that is anti-women, anti-minorities, anti-me, and I feel that as a citizen of the world, it is my duty and my right to take a stand against what I see is pure and simple hatred of something different. Love definitely trumps hate.


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