5 Nanowrimo Moments, or How to Crank a Book in 30 Days

1. Find unbroken stretches of time seated in a writing space.

Physical Therapist: Okay, how’s the sciatica?
Me: Horrible. I’m having a real setback.
Physical Therapist: I thought we were making progress! What are you doing differently?
Me: Nanowrimo.

2. Get your loved ones’ support.

Husband: Let’s go to Home Depot in twenty minutes.
Me: [sitting down stunned]
Husband: Don’t you have your book to write?
Me: How can I write at Home Depot?


3. Have faith in December’s revision.

Friend: How’s the book coming?
Me: Terrible. It’s almost finished.
Friend: How is that terrible? That’s great.
Me: It is great. The book is terrible.

4. Lower your standards. For everything.

Stepdaughter: All the in-laws are in! Thirteen for Thanksgiving!
Me: I can get Thanksgiving for thirteen at Publix, but where am I going to get a clean house?

5. Don’t take yourself seriously. 

nanowrimo comicWriter Friend: How’s Nanowrimo?
Me: I fell behind.
Writer Friend: Me too.
Me: But I’m going to catch up.
Writer Friend: Me too.
Both: [laughter]

My apologies. I’d make these snappier, but I still have 17,131 words to go, ten South Africans for Thanksgiving, and this really cool dog to play with. 

photo 2


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